Emergency Storm Damage Tree Service Removal and Pruning


Emergencies happen without a moment’s notice. Michigan’s elements include high winds, thunderstorms, winter snow, and ice – all potent ingredients that can easily snap entire limbs, break branches, topple 1000+ lb trees and cause serious property damage to anything standing in it’s way.

Typically, tree damage from heavy storms takes place more often when trees are dead, damaged or to young to withstand the force. This is why regular maintenance through pruning and trimming is essential to prevent this from happening.

Entire trees have been known to block driveways preventing homeowners from getting to work and even doorways preventing exit from their home. These are emergencies our company caters to.

Need to learn more about our emergency tree service? Contact us now by filling out and submitting the ‘quick and easy’ form on this page to receive your FREE EMERGENCY TREE SERVICE ESTIMATE!

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